Our Story


Blooming Studios, LLC is a film production company and group of creatives striving to inspire people through artistic expression.

The company began when a group of creative friends shared an ambition to make a feature-length film. With limited resources, a garage as home base, and an abundance of passion and vision, that shared ambition became “The Blooming”, an 80-minute feature that was completed and locally screened two years later. Inspired from the creation of “The Blooming”, the friends formed a film production company in 2012 and named it after their first major project.

Since then, Blooming Studios has become an officially licensed company and worked on numerous projects around the continental US, in places like Los Angeles, the Redwood National Forest, and the deserts of Nevada . The company regularly works both on its own creative film projects and as a videography group.


Our Team



EBRAHIM GHAEINI is a freelance filmmaker & director living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah last spring with a BA in Film Studies. He is a co-founder and manager of Blooming Studios and continues to pursue art and telling stories.

Creative Director

Eb is an up and coming director, cinematographer, and editor based in SLC, UT. In his free time he enjoys camping in the mountains, reading poetry, creating other forms of art, and indulging in nature photography. He loves to brag about his latest European backpacking trip and aims to backpack New Zealand next. Since graduating in film studies at the University of Utah, he's continually pursues a career in the film industry. Currently, he's working on an Independent Science Fiction film due to be filmed Spring 2018. 

Check out more of his work at: www.ebrahimghaeini.com



JOHN CAVE is an abstract portrait artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been a freelance artist for the past three years and is a co-founder and manager of Blooming Studios. For the past eight years he has collaborated with Ebrahim Ghaeini. John strives to always create new abstract messages through art.

Visual Designer

John is a camera operator, editor and storyboard artist based in SLC, UT. He enjoys going backpacking, collaborating with other local artists and finding a variety of forms to express messages of human connection. Other than film work, John is also an abstract artist. Much of his work is inspired by nature and the imbalance of personal connections.


JOSHUA RENIERI GOMEZ is an actor living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has experience acting on both stage and screen, and is passionate about creating films. Joshua is a co-founder and manager of Blooming Studios. Though usually in front of the camera, he also ventures behind the lens to assume various filmmaking roles.

Project Manager

Josh has had the privilege of working with Blooming Studios for the past several years and currently works as the company’s project manager. Josh loves coming together with other professionals to create something special both on screen and stage. He received his Bachelors in Theatre Studies from the University of Utah.